August 1, 2014:  We are happy to share the news of another commissioning grant for our next cycle!  We’re grateful to the Puffin Foundation for their support!

April 7, 2014:  Thank you, Green Valley!  We had a great concert and met many new Michigan friends!  We’re also happy to announce that The Michigan Recital Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, which means your donations are fully tax-deductible!  ALSO, Scott Ordway’s Detroit is getting its European premiere this summer at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler!  Congratulations Scott!

March 19, 2014:  We’re excited for the Southwest debut of The Michigan Recital Project!  On April 2, we will perform in Green Valley, AZ (just south of Tucson).  Seating is limited, so please RSVP to if you would like to attend, or if you have questions!

December 1, 2013:  Our Harvard University concert was a success!  Click here to see some pictures!

October 23, 2013: Hey Boston friends and supporters!  I know you’ve been dying to see and hear The Michigan Recital Project live in your neighborhood.  Well, mark your calendars for one month from today, November 23, at 3:00 pm.  We’ll be performing at the beautiful Memorial Church at Harvard University.  Michigan-born flutist Emma Shubin will be joining us for the New England premieres of our commissions.  I’m very excited, and I hope to see you there!

October 13, 2013: What a whirlwind!  We had an amazing, 10-day, 6-venue, 1000-mile tour during one of the loveliest Indian Summers Michigan has seen in a long time.  We are incredibly grateful to our supporters and our venues, but especially to our composers for helping us create something out of nothing.  Stay tuned as we plan for the next Michigan Recital Project Tour!

September 22, 2013:  We’re only a week away from our Michigan Tour!  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and on Twitter, where we’ll be posting all the time.  We’re looking forward to a great road trip during the most beautiful time of the year!

September 5, 2013:  Friends, a minor setback here at the Michigan Recital Project:  unfortunately, we have to postpone our September concert in Boston until after our Michigan tour.  We’ve received a ton of support from our East Coast friends, including an enthusiastic tribe of Michigan expats, and we want to give them the same opportunity as our Michigan audiences to hear this fantastic music live!  We are still working with Opus Affair to find an appropriate, accessible venue in the Boston area, and we look forward to presenting a well-traveled, polished program!  This does raise the stakes for the concerts in Michigan in October, because World Premieres are much more exhilarating than just Michigan premieres!  We’ll see you onstage in October!

August 28, 2013: The University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society, of which Margot is a distinguished alumna, gave us a great notice (Page 6) in their latest newsletter, the Gasbag.  Thanks, UMGASS!

Gasbag front page

August 22, 2013:  We’re really enjoying the rehearsal process.  One of the great things about creating new music is the collaborative process with our composers.  If something isn’t working for one reason or another, we can have a dialogue with the composer to see if, together, we can find a way to make the music better.  Composer Mary Montgomery Koppel came to our rehearsal last night, and she ended up changing some of the flute articulations for greater impact, and to make it a little easier to play.  And we asked Philip Rice if he could find a new way to set a tricky phrase so the words could be heard more clearly. He came up with a brilliant solution right away.  This kind of open dialogue is why we love new music!

August 14, 2013:  You may notice that things look a little different around here!  We have a dedicated website and a new email address ( and I’ve been trying to collect all our videos, pictures, concert information and program notes in one place.  Take a few minutes and browse around, and please let us know if you’ll be at one of our concerts…we’d love to meet you!

August 6, 2013:  The poster is done!  We were so lucky to work with Ann Arbor artist and designer David Zinn, who created a beautiful image and was terrific to work with.  Thank you David!

July 15, 2013:  More good news!  The Michigan Recital Project has received an Emerging Artist Grant from the St. Botolph Club Foundation.  We have also received a grant from the Music at Marsh Reeves Fund.  Thank you to our generous funding partners!  This means more Michigan vocal chamber music is on the horizon!

July 2, 2013: I am pleased to announce that our Indie GoGo campaign has closed successfully!  We raised over $4000 from 82 individual donors and I’m amazed and humbled by all the support and enthusiasm The Michigan Recital Project has received from all over the country!  We couldn’t have raised these funds without a great crowdfunding website like Indie GoGo, or without our fans and supporters.  The next step is putting all the music together.  Scott Ordway‘s piece, “Detroit,” arrived the other day, and I am looking forward to our two weeks of dedicated rehearsal in early August.  We booked our flights to Michigan this week, it’s all very exciting!  Continue to watch this space as we get closer to the premiere!

June 18, 2013:  Wow!  I am totally excited to report that after only a week of fundraising, The Michigan Recital Project has met its goal!  As I wrote last week, we will continue raising funds all month long to fund future Michigan chamber music.  I am eternally grateful to the over 50 people (so far!) that have donated and the many more who have expressed their support.  This is going to be awesome!

Speaking of awesome, I’m sending another big thank you to Michigan Awesome, a plucky little company that enthusiastically  supports the arts and their community.  Michigan Awesome donated some of the perks we’re giving away (there are still some great T-shirts up for grabs, get yours here)!

June 11, 2013:  The IndieGoGo campaign has been active for only two days and I’m pleased to announce we are halfway to our goal of $2500! These funds support the composers who create music for The Michigan Recital Project.  We will continue raising funds through the end of the month to support future commissions as well.  If you are interested in this project, please check out the campaign; even a small donation is a big help!

We’re also pleased to announce a partnership with Ann Arbor artist David Zinn, who will be designing our posters for the Michigan Tour.  We’re very excited to see his work!

Check back soon, I’ll be posting a little more frequently this month.

June 1, 2013:  I’m happy to announce that we have secured an additional venue on our Michigan tour:  October 9 at Olivet College!  We are very excited and entering our fundraising push this month…stay tuned!

May 4, 2013:  Margot, Joe and I had an amazing rehearsal today!  We read through Mary Montgomery Koppel’s stunning duet based on the Native American flute idiom and she gave us some great feedback.  We also had a videographer from T Stop Pictures there to help us make a video for our upcoming IndieGoGo campaign (IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter).  Russ Anderson was helpful and inspiring, taking some video of rehearsal and conducting some interviews with us.

April 14, 2013:  We are excited to announce the dates and locations for our Michigan tour:

October 1, 8 pm:  Staples Family Recital Hall, Central Michigan University

October 4, 7:30 pm: Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit

October 7, 7:30 pm: Recital Hall, Saginaw Valley State University

October 10, 8 pm: Hope College

More information coming soon!

March 22, 2013: I just returned from a trip to Michigan for further planning, and am happy to announce that The Michigan Recital can be seen and heard at four venues in Michigan in early October, 2013!  We look forward to performances at Central Michigan University, The Cathedral of Detroit, Saginaw Valley State University, and Hope College.  We will have a kick-off world premiere concert in Boston in September.  All dates coming soon!

February 1, 2013:  The scores are starting to arrive from the composers!  It’s been incredible to have the opportunity to impact music being written specifically for us, and one of Philip’s pieces made me tear up a little in rehearsal, it’s so lovely!  Inspirations vary, from the flute music of the Native American peoples of the Great Lakes, to the urban gardens of 21st-century Detroit, to Gilda Radner and Stevie Wonder.  A very good start to the project!

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