Flute and Piano Program Notes

Our program for Soprano, Alto, Flute and Piano was conceived in 2012 and first performed in 2013. The 90-minute English language program features four world premieres and weaves together diverse texts by composers from the past 120 years to form an evocative portrait of Michigan and its people. From Irving Berlin to Ned Rorem to Michigan’s own William Bolcom, there is something for everyone, including several inside jokes about the Great Lakes and their unique weather systems.  Even audience members unfamiliar with the beauty of the state will leave with a new appreciation of the Great Lakes, and some earworms from the great musicians who call Michigan home.

An abbreviated, 50-minute program for just piano and voices is also available.

Click here for an audio sample

Program notes available here or by clicking on the following links.

Ode to Lake Michigan
Five Songs by Theodore Roethke
Selections from the Mariko Suite
The Song of Ruth
The Graceful Ghost
Fire and Ice
The Laughter and the Music
The Death of Minnehaha
The Edge of Dreams
Cabaret Songs

Composer Biographies

Scott R. Harding
Mary Montgomery Koppel
Catherine McMichael
Scott J. Ordway
Philip Rice
Isaac Schankler

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